Proposed list of companies for Technical Tours.

Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) (Zhukovsky, Moscow reg.)

TsAGI is the largest world center of aeronautic science. It is for the first time in a world history that TsAGI has integrated the fundamental scientific research, the applied research, engineering development, manufacturing and testing the aircraft, missiles and aerospace vehicles. The institute has the experimental base of no analogue within the world wide practice. It includes:

  • complex of wind tunnels and gasdynamic research installations
  • static and dynamic strength laboratories
  • thermal strength, thermal vacuum and acoustic chambers
  • complex of hydrodynamic facilities
  • propulsion and compressor test benches
  • flight simulators

Uniqueness and significance of TsAGI's experimental base is determined by its composition and integration, high technical parameters and proven feasibility of use in developing advanced aircraft and missiles of civil and military application, as well as reentry vehicles, aerospace transportation systems, spacecraft, ground and sea transport vehicles, engineering structures, equipment and fuel/power generating systems of the country.

Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov (Moscow)

The research center is engaged in comprehensive scientific research and development in area of aircraft propulsion engineering. Its scope is from the fundamental investigation to cooperation with experimental design bureaus. The joined activity focuses on development, optimisation and certification of new motors as well as on scientific supporting the exploitation.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University MAI)

MAI was founded in 1930 is one of several major engineering higher education establishments in Moscow. Since its inception MAI has been spearheading advances in aerospace technology both within Russia and worldwide. The university laid emphasis on laboratory instruction in applied science and engineering, specific to demands of the aerospace industry. MAI is the only university in Russia, which provides highly qualified personnel for the entire product life cycle in the aerospace industry, from system design to implementation of cutting edge technologies. Moscow Aviation Institute is a large scientific research center. Significant scientific ideas are developed here; new technological principles are discovered; new devices are invented and constructed. Five fundamental scientific discoveries for dynamic systems have been patented; the opto-electronic device “Photon” designed here is now operating in outer space; innovative power sources based on new principles invented and constructed here are currently used in aircraft and aerospace system units, etc.

Research Institute of Mechanics Lomonosov Moscow State University (Institute of Mechanics MSU)

Institute of Mechanics MSU was founded in 1959 as a subdivision of MSU for solutions of actual problems in the field of mechanics. Main areas of scientific research of the Institute:

  • mechanics of fluid and gas
  • mechanics of deformable solid
  • theoretical and applied mechanics

There is a united scientific-educational laboratory “Thermogasdynamics” and the laboratory of the study of mechanical processes by film-technical and optical methods.